The rules of the University Commission for the Quality of Medical Education [UKJKKL]

  1. The first visit of the team is held on invitation from the University Rector. The date of the subsequent assessment visit depends on the period for which the teaching quality certificate [CJK] has been granted. Irrespective of the period for which the CJK has been granted, the UKJKK is obliged to visit the University in each year of CJK validity term in order to verify how the University authorities implement the recommendations formulated in the final reports in the daily activities. The Chairperson of the UKJKKL notifies the Rector and Dean of the respective faculty of the visit date.

  2. No later than four weeks before the planned visit, the University provides the UKJKKL with the electronic version of the completed Self-Assessment Questionnaire together with all required enclosures.

  1. Before the visit of the Visiting Team:

  1. members of the UKJKKL study the materials included in the delivered Self-Assessment Questionnaire, which should be supplemented by the University if the UKJKKL requests so and in the UKJKKL indicated areas;

  1. the UKJKKL draws the programme of the assessment visit and agrees its date.

  1. In the case of visits aimed at obtaining the CJK certificate, the Visiting Team is composed of at least 3 persons selected from among the UKJKKL members. The work of the team is directed by the Chairperson of the UKJKKL or a person he/she might appoint. The annual verification of the granted certificate is performed by one of the UKJKKL members.

  1. The Visiting Team must not include a representative of the visited University or anyone employed therein at any time over the last 5 years, or a graduate of that University, even if currently employed elsewhere.

  1. If necessary, the member of the UKJKKL who represents the visited University may be invited by the Visiting Team for consultation.

  1. The visit lasts 2-3 days. It includes: working meetings with the authorities of the University/ Faculty and the selected groups of University employees and students, as well as assessment visits at classes and inspections of the teaching and research base. The preliminary observations on the findings of the visit are shared with the University Authorities on the last day of the visit.

  1. Within three months after the visit, the Chairperson of the UKJKKL provides the University Rector with the Final Report based on an analysis of the materials received and outcomes of the visit. The University has the right to express its remarks to the content of the Final Report within 30 days.

  1. Upon the lapse of the term, the subsequent phases of the assessment procedure follow, closed with the granting or denial of the Teaching Quality Certificate. The University Rector has the right to appeal from the decision of the Commission to the Conference of Rectors of University Medical Schools, in accordance with Chapter V, par. 10 of the UKJKKL Statute; the appeal should be appended with a substantiation thereto.

  1. Once the assessment procedure has been completed and the time for appeal has elapsed and following the appeal procedure, if any, the assessment document is prepared. The way of forwarding it to the University in question is agreed with its Rector.

  1. Any comments and complaints concerning the teaching process and the quality of teaching reported to the UKJKKL by University Employees and Students during the assessment visit are included in the final report together with clarifications from the Dean. 

  2. These Rules have been adopted by the Conference of Rectors and constitute the base for the UKJKKL operations.

The rules of the UKJKKL Visiting Team

  1. The analysis of the materials sent in by the University must be based on the current Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

  2. The programme of the assessment visit preceding the granting of the Teaching Quality Certificate should include:

  • a meeting with the authorities (Rector/ Dean/ Vice-Deans),

  • a meeting with the Programme Board/ Commission,

  • a meeting with the heads of the team responsible for the in-house control of the quality of teaching/ assessing the quality of teaching,

  • a meeting with the team responsible for summer holiday practical training,

  • a meeting with the recruitment commission,

  • a meeting with the students,

  • visits to the facilities where the courses in basic and pre-clinical science are run,

  • visits to the units running clinical classes (the visits should cover all Clinical Hospitals of the University plus non-academic units running classes for the students of the specific University), as well as the sites where the summer holiday practical training is done.

  1. The visit is closed with a meeting with the University Authorities, the handing over of the document confirming the coverage of the visit programme, and discussion of the preliminary post-visit comments.

  1. The programme of the annual (one-day) check-up visit includes:

  1. studying of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and the changes, if any, which have occurred since the previous visit, any clarifications as to the previous remarks from the Visiting Commission and description of the effects of the implemented changes,

  2. a meeting with the University Authorities (Dean, Vice-Deans),

  3. potential visits to the sites mentioned in the previous assessment remarks.