About committee

  1. The University Commission for the Quality of Medical Education, hereinafter referred to as the UKJKKL, was formed based on the Accreditation Committee for University Medical Schools established by virtue of the resolution adopted at the Conference of Rectors of University Medical Schools (KRAUM) held in Gdańsk on 7 October 1997.
  2. The UKJKKL operates based on the Higher Education Law Act of 27 July 2005 (consolidated text in Journal of Laws 2016, it. 1842) and on the applicable regulations issued by the Minister of Health and the Minister of Science and Higher Education, as well as on the core in-house documents drafted by the Accreditation Committee of University Medical Schools and approved by the Conference of Rectors of University Medical Schools hereinafter referred to as the KRAUM, including: the statute, working rules, graphic sign (logo), self-assessment questionnaire, and rules of the visits to assess the quality of the teaching.
  3. The design, colours, and dimensions of the UKJKKL graphic sign and the rules of using it are defined in a separate KRAUM Resolution.
  4. UKJKKL is a body representing the academic communities of University Medical Schools, independent of state authorities, with opinion-making competencies within the scope defined in this statute.
  5. UKJKKL is independent in its operations; it shall, however, aim to cooperate with other institutions dealing with the assessment of the quality of teaching and accreditation.
  6. The Chairperson of the UKJKKL reports the results of the UKJKKL works to the Chairperson of the KRAUM who decides about forwarding the information to other natural persons or institutions.