On 9 May 2017, the new University Commission for the Quality of Medical Education [UKJKKL] held its first meeting in Gdańsk, hosted by the UKJKKL Chairman, prof. dr hab. Janusz Moryś.

During the meeting, the commission members discussed the changes relating to the UKJKKL future activities and the educational standards laid down by the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation with the view of keeping the US accreditation for Medical Universities.

The meeting was attended by: the UKJKKL Chairman, prof. Janusz Moryś, prof. dr hab. Marek Kulus of the Medical University of Warsaw, prof. dr hab. Andrzej Dąbrowski of the Medical University in Białystok, dr hab. Katarzyna Pawlak-Osińska, prof. of the Nicolas Copernicus University, Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz, prof. dr hab. Michał Żmijewski of the Medical University of Gdańsk, prof. dr hab. Ryszard Marciniak of the Poznań University of Medical Sciences, prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Gawrych of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, prof. dr hab. Andrzej Hendrich of the Medical University of Wrocław, and Kamil Cebulski, student of the Medical University of Wrocław.